Exchange students

Arrivée au sommet en ski de randonnée. © Simon sur Pixabay.
The Master in Physics has a long tradition of welcoming foreign students wishing to spend one or two semesters in Grenoble, while following some of our high level courses in Physics. This requires some preparation (typically one year in advance):

  1. Contact the International Affairs Office of your home university: it will provide you all the administrative steps to follow.
  2. Contact the International Affairs Office according to your situation: You may also get fruitful information from the UGA international relations team.
  1. Contact the person in charge of each formation (responsible of the degree) for which you plan to follow one or more courses.  
  2. You will finally need to specify in a Learning Agreement Form which courses you will be following during your stay.

All the administrative forms must be filled in with the International Affairs Office (either PHITEM or PHELMA). However, it is your responsibility to check whether the lectures you plan to follow are indeed

  • accessible, namely that you do have the pre-requisites in physics;
  • available, that is with a schedule allowing you, in practice, to go from one place to another one (since lectures may be provided at very different places).  
In order to get precise answers to these questions, you must contact the various persons in charge of the M1 or M2 that you will be following. This must be done before your arrival in Grenoble and you must maintain the contact with them during your stay. While your local administrative supervisor will be the International Affairs Officer, you must also maintain a direct contact with the local person in charge of the year (possibly three different persons, L3 or 3rd year Licence, M1 and M2).

Some advice

Although it may be possible to follow courses from 2 different levels (say L3 and M1, or M1 and M2), it is generally rather tedious in a daily practice. More importantly, the exam sessions are scheduled independently at each level so it might be troublesome. Our advice is to stick to one level only.
  • Please note also that some courses at M1 level propose laboratory experiments that do not appear explicitly in the schedule.
  • Make sure that you contacted and confirmed your decision to follow any specific course to the responsible of the degree.
  • If your arrival in Grenoble is delayed and you cannot follow anymore these lab experiments, then you may not be able to take the course.
  • Keep in touch with the responsible of each degree.
  • Care must be taken to the deadlines and starting your application one year in advance is highly advisable: our first semester starts early September at both M1 and M2 levels. All contacts must therefore have been made before July (university is closed in August).
  • Please note that exams for the M1 level are usually done the last week before Christmas in December. Our second semester starts in January at M1 level.
  • All contacts with the various persons in charge must have been made before October.

For more information about studying and living in Grenoble (budget, accommodation, community life, transports, culture, etc.) here are some links:

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