M2 Science Trading

An international training that skills in science, sales and marketing, in close contact with companies
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Caution: This Master 2 course will close in August 2024


Science Trading is a new international Master 2 course which, if you have completed at least 4 years in fundamental or applied physics at the university, will allow you to enter the international commercial field with a solid scientific background. It covers all physics disciplines and you will be able to choose your own specialty (optical instrumentation, cryogenics, vacuum...).

The Science Trading course provides a theoretical knowledge associated to a real international experience: this is an opportunity for companies and students. Companies appreciate the double skilled sales experts from Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and 80% of the students from the Master Science Trading are employed just a few months after their graduation.

The M2 course is taught in English to both French and international students, as this language is required for export. It is taught by a team of trainers from the academic and the industrial world. The courses on marketing are oriented towards the provision of solutions proposed by companies to customers and take into account actual practices in the world. They are followed simultaneously by physics, chemistry and biology students. Three scientific courses train students using the scientific information from the first year of the Master's degree physics to the needs of clients. Students can choose a physics discipline in which they wish to specialize during their internship in companies.

The M2 Science Trading is a sandwich course, but also an initial course for students from outside Europe. It is recommended to be followed with an apprenticeship. In some few cases, you can follow this training with an internship (same periods as apprenticeship). Foreign students can get an apprenticeship if the visa is a visa to work in France or if you were present in France the year before you join the Master 2. It thus enables all admitted students to join the companies in France or abroad that have recruited them from September onwards. You will thus be able to obtain your first commercial results as early as January/February and continue your business until June.

The skills targeted at the end of the Science Trading course are

At the end of the Master 2, you will be entrusted with international missions such as: salesperson, product manager, technical sales engineer, community manager in the sales department, customer relations manager, and manager of distributors around the world.


The M2 Science Trading is a second year of a European Master degree and accounts for 60 ECTS. The courses are divided between the two semesters and will be attended at the university one week per month over 12 months from September. The rest of the time, 3 weeks per month, you will be in business inside the company you joined.

List of courses

The description of each course can be found in the catalogue des formations de l'UGA, as well as some details on exams and their relative weight on the degree. You can upload a flyer with all information on Science Trading. 

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The internship

The training is a sandwich course of 33 ECTS completed by an internship that counts for 27 ECTS, starts from September and ends in July and is 3 weeks per month in the company. This internship is an empowerment of the knowledge acquired theoretically and is implemented in a professional context. As such, it is a springboard for your career. The evaluation of the internship is through a written report to be given mid-June followed by an oral presentation.

After the M2 Science Trading, many opportunities

The students who enroll in the Master 2 Science Trading are usually 10 to 12, out of which 1 to 2 are physicist. All are highly motivated to graduate from their master degree and then begin their professional career as a product manager, sale manager, community manager, sale representative application engineer.

The success rate is very high and leads to the following careers:
  • Sales in an international environment
  • Market studies, marketing and commercial activities
  • Communication activities
  • Public relation activities
  • Launch & Promotion of new scientific products
  • VIE contracts for European students             

How to apply?

Applications for students with a M1 in Physics (or equivalent) are done in 3 steps:
  1. You must first apply to the M2 Science Trading using the correct application form, eCandidat or PEF, depending on your personal situation. All details, deadlines etc. are provided in the PHITEM department (Physics, Engineering, Earth Sciences, Environment and Mechanics) webpage, UGA.  Note that in each case, a letter of motivation written in English is required.
  2. After a first examination of the application, the candidate may be invited to an audition with a jury composed of teachers and professionals. Auditions will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. The decision is taken after the audition.
  3. The successful candidate is then invited to find a company that will welcome him/her in the framework of a work-study cooperation or an internship within a maximum period of two months after the beginning of the training. The teachers will of course provide you with some help at this stage.
Note that it is the Université Grenoble Alpes that is responsible for the administrative organisation of contracts/agreements with companies.
No prerequisites are required for business courses. For physics, the general courses expected at M1 scientific level are required.
Although Science Trading is open to both M1 RF and RI students, the latter will be better prepared because of the presence of projects in their curriculum. Similarly, it is recommended that students chose courses with a strong experimental component.
If you do not have the required diploma (M1 in Physics) to enter the course, you can undertake a validation of personal and professional experience (VAPP) or validation des acquis de l'expérience (VAE).

The M2 course is accessible to the VIE (Volontaire International en Entreprise): The VIE contract is a contract signed with a company for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years. This contract is signed between Business France and the student who is placed at the disposal of the requesting company. Business France invoices the company hosting the VIE for the service provided. The assignments entrusted to the young person concern the development of a region of the world that is useful for the company's exports. It allows a young person to start an international career while being under a status dependent on the French State. Financial compensation varies according to the country.

Continuing education

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